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SATC: Carrie Girlie - _jollyholiday

Dreary Saturday.

Tidbits of my Saturday:

Sex and the City: The Movie came out on Tuesday. Naturally, it has been in my posession for a few days now. I'm watching it. Big just officially proposed, and there are about two minutes left. I liked it better than the first time. Whatever, Big. I don't love you, but I guess I like you.

I want my hair to look like SJP's. I haven't colored it in three months. My roots are funky and I have a box of dark blonde color in my bathroom. I've had it for about a week now, and it's taking a lot to not touch it. :)

I want a Mac.

I've had a pounding headache all day. I thought it was my ponytail (I hardly wear ponytails because of this.), but I've had it out for hours, and my head is just throbbing. I never get headaches, so I'm not a fan of this. Perhaps because I didn't have my caf fix today. Hmm.

I miss my husband.

I want to live in NYC.

Happy Birthday, brother! (It's Jon's 29th today. Old man! Hehe.)


LOVE LOVE SATC movie!! I bought it Tuesday, I can't stand widescreen so I got full screen. Hope you're doing well <3

Any ideas when you're sending out the Avon orders?
I got the order on Thursday, and yours is already packaged up! I will take it to the post office first thing Monday before work. :)
YAY!! Can't wait to get it!! Iffy on the mineral foundation but glad I have BE as a backup just in case!
Want my honest, unbiased opinion?

I ordered the mineral foundation, blush, and transparent glow because my rep price was $1.99. The foundation alone I do not like. I mix it with my BE foundation that is too dark (because the Avon foundation is way too light). Together, BAM. Flawless. The blush, I LOVE. I got the color Blushed. The transparent glow? AMAZING. Best I've ever used. No lie.
WOW that's a great deal!! Yeah I wasn't sure which color to get but I'm pretty fair and I think I ordered the soft Ivory so hopefully it'll work. I was looking at the blush but wasn't sure which one to use and what's the transparent glow? Is it like a bronze?
I got the soft ivory and it was too light for me. (I'm usually the lightest shade, too, but this was tooooo light.) The transparent glow is transparent powder, really...takes away any last finishing shine. I love it.
Is there anyway I can changed the foundation to the transparent glow or is it too late? I can order it next time =)
Aw, yeah, it's too late...but if you're unhappy with the foundation or it's the wrong color, let me know, and we'll figure something else out.
viva la sex and the city. ♥
Yes! :)
I just saw it the other day with my Mom. I love SJP's hair when she colors it!
I'm not a huge fan of her hair like that, though it doesn't look bad. I LOVE that her hair always looks natural...roots and some color mixed together.
<3 sex and the city. and macs. i love, love, love, love my macbook. i got it in july and i don't know how i survived without it.
I'm eager to get one!
I'm getting the SATC movie on Wednesday.. I can't wait!!
I hope you feel better soon :)
I cant wait to get the movie. I didnt like it as well as the show itself, but still loved it! [Even if it was a little dragged out!] If nothing else, the clothes and shoes were worth staring at! : ]