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SATC: Kidding - lauraaudrey

Why must we wait on you?

"It's my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess."

Agreed, Obama. Really, who do these two think they are?


You are cracking me up. And I totally heart you. Big time!
Really, though. They make it too easy.

I heart you, too! Whatcha' doing this weekend? I need to shop. :)
I'm not sure yet. I'm supposed to be going to some fall festival thing, but the weather is not looking good. Let me check with my cousin to see what the plan is. :)
k :)
Srsly, McCain and Palin piss me off :/
They are continually making themselves look bad in terms of Palin speaking up. They are forever making up excuses for her and postponing things.
She is so incapable it blows my mind to think that she has a possibility of becoming president in the case of McCain's likely death!! And she's so insanely conservative and just a screwed up person in general.
Palin as president. Terrifying. The comments after the article are funny - people saying, "Why not just postpone the election?". :)
I believe McCain wants to stall the debate for the same reason he has stalled his campaign. Being a senator outweighs running for president at a critical time like this. Both are which are paid to be senators and it's their job right now. This isn't an Obama bash, he will be in Washington tomorrow too. But I think Obama is dead wrong when he says that it's critical to debate right now. It's time for the country's politicians to come together right now, not split the country further with debates. Don't get me wrong, I think the debates are very important but their focus needs to be within the next few days to sort this out first.
I completely agree with you. While I understand that the economy is in serious trouble, I also understand that the American people making the decision of the next President will greatly effect the economy more than what the Government can do in the next 60 days. The debate is vital. And it should happen, as scheduled.
100% agree
I'll be honest, and this is just my opinion, but I'm a little scared that either of them could be our president.
amen sister
There was a time when you could somewhat trust what the mainstream media said (ABC, NBC, CBS), but those days are gone. I have seen more lies and more cover-ups come out of the media this year that I have ever seen in my life. Anyone who takes what the media says at face value is ignorant, retarded, or just agrees with their lies.
Are you implying I'm ignorant and retarded?
I'm not implying anything. I'm plainly stating that anyone who takes the article at face value is one of three things: ignorant, retarded, or just doesn't care because they agree with the lies.

My comment wasn't meant to be a personal dig on you. It's a personal dig against the media which lies, lies, lies and, unfortunately, most people just believe them. I think it's pretty clear who the media is rooting for.