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Love: Deployment Hug - lauraaudrey

I saw my breath this morning. Samson's been good about getting up when I do in the morning, but last night I worked the late shift, so he was only eating and drinking right before I went to bed. Needless to say, he was up at 4:30am, whimpering to go outside. It was obviously too dark then, but just a few minutes ago when we went out again, sure enough...I could see it! Autumn. Hooray! :)

Day one was okay. It's always the worst, I think - getting back into the routine of being by yourself. Getting used to falling asleep alone, doing everything - cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dog, running back out to the car when you've forgotten something. :) (I forgot my cell phone in my car last night.) I was dreading work, but it wasn't too bad. Today should go faster, though, and Steph is coming over tonight for a little.

I ordered my SATC movie and volume two of the soundtrack via Amazon. If you recall, I wasn't a huge fan of the way the movie ended. Megan (who went with me to see it and loved the movie) said, "Whoa whoa whoa, I thought you hated that movie. Why are you going to buy it?" and my response was, "As a fan, it's my duty to buy it anyway." Hahaha. Okay, I didn't hate the movie. Just the ending. But I am excited to watch it again...probably this weekend. This whole apartment needs to be cleaned top to bottom, and I want to get some fall decorations to make it a little happier in here. :) That's my plan for the weekend in.

Hope you guys are all good! I have to go get ready for coffee and work...I hit the snooze button three times this morning, and I usually don't hit it at all. Yikes. :) Bye!


you are very strong laura. always here if you need anyone, who def understands.
Thanks :)
Seeing your breath for the first time each fall is such an amazing feeling, don't you agree?! I can't wait to see mine as well!
Good luck getting back into the groove of things! You are strong, and hopefully the time will pass quickly :)
It is a great feeling. I absolutely love fall weather.
I love autumn.. It's my favorite season :) I hope today goes by fast for you *hugs*
I love the fall, too. Thanks!

I am so glad that fall is on the way!! Too bad we miss it here in SD. :( I used to LOVE fall on the east coast. It's so bright and beautiful. Let some light and air come in, it will cheer you up. :)
Oh, I just couldn't imagine not having a freezing cold winter or a chilly fall! I'll send some your way. :)

two things:

I got my Avon stuff today! I am excited to try it out.

I am sorry that Jarrod has gone away, but the house will be a lot cleaner now. So there's some sort of silver lining.

Re: two things:

You only got it today? That was kind of slow. Well, yay, anyway! Let me know what you think. P.S. I bought the mineral makeup (the new Avon stuff) and it is AMAZING. It makes your skin look flawless and it's really lightweight. If the foundation doesn't interest you, but you need a transparent loose powder - that's my favorite part, their transparent glow powder. Sorry. No more commerciailing. :) But yes. It's fantastic. I am very impressed.

I just cleaned the apartment tonight before Steph came over...it's spotless and smells SO good. Yay for no boys making huge messes. :)

Re: two things:

I really like the foundation I ordered. I made Jason smell my face because it smelled so good. And he said, "Is that the Avon stuff?" and I said, "Yes. And unfortunately I am addicted."

I need transparent powder soon, so I will most definitely keep that in mind.
I still have 8 months until Patrick leaves but it seems like it's coming up too soon. I mean, it's in May! By then, Jarrod will only have 4 months left?