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Friends mostly.

Friends only mostly.
Some of my entries are public, but most are private.
If you'd like to be included, leave a comment here. :)


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Hi :) Where did you find me, if I may ask?
Sure :)
I came across your journal from Ashley (kissmylouis) and couldn't help becoming interested after reading your profile. I adore reading about engaged couples, being that I am engaged, and am also a Grey's addict. Mind if I'm added? :-*
Not at all. Added. :)
Hey Laura, this is Stacy's wedding journal. ;) I'm adding you because you are a wedding expert at this point! ;D
Woohoooo! You just made me smile. ;) Adding, Stacy's wedding journal.

ROFL @ the username, by the way. Freaking hilarious.
Where did you find me? :)
Hey its Brenda (piecesofbren)

I renamed my journal name & accidently deleted my "friend of" list. LOL

add me? thanks! :)
k :)
Hi! We have some mutual friends so I thought I'd add you...hope you don't mind!
Aw, sure! Yay, new friends. Added. :)
I totally just realized I wasn't added... Add me back? :)
hi laura, this is nicole, matt's gf. i just got a LJ and found your page. would you add me as a friend? (since i have like none, haha) thanks :-)
Hey! Sure! Gee, how the heck did you find me? You can get pretty lost around LiveJournal...LOL
If you add me, I'll let you sell merchandise for Kutless. Or maybe I'll fly out to your wedding.
LOL - How random was that? You are my friend! And I would prefer not to sell merch for Kutless, but I would prefer you to fly out for my wedding, please. 3 months and some weeks...
Friends? We're in _sexandthecity together.
Lauraaaaa, it's alyssamarie. Add this name, please :)
Doneeee :)

add me

hey, its been a long time, add me back?
You seem pretty amazing, so I decided to add you. We like a lot of the same bands and we both share a love for God, which is always a plus when I'm looking for new friends. :) Add me?
not sure when you were married but i saw it in your info so congrats! :)

add me? ♥
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