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Jan. 20th, 2015

Love: Deployment Hug - lauraaudrey


Someone started an LJ group on Facebook, and it brought back memories. Somehow, some way, I remembered not one, but two of my previous usernames...and the rest is history. Is anyone still here? Holy moly, it's been years!

Anyway, if you haven't followed along via Facebook or my blog or something like that, I'm a mom to 2 boys now, and I've been blogging over at http://www.theeverydayjoys.net for years now. Would love to catch up with some of you! Say hi!

Jan. 30th, 2011

Friends mostly.

Friends only mostly.
Some of my entries are public, but most are private.
If you'd like to be included, leave a comment here. :)

Oct. 22nd, 2008

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Ollie and I are going to be Obama and McCain for Halloween.

...jay slash kay. :)

Oct. 2nd, 2008

(no subject)


I have a new journal! Please add it and remove this one. inanotherlight

Sep. 28th, 2008


I've created a new LiveJournal.
It was time for a new start.
Request or add if you want,
I'm not adding anyone unless you add me.


See ya! :)
Gisele: Make-up - candytease

Avon calling! :)

Click here for the specials, including:

Glimmersticks, any 2 for $6.99
Lip balms, 2 for $1.50
Mascara sale, any 2 for $7.99
24 oz. Bubble Bath, 2 for $9.99
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Sep. 27th, 2008

SATC: Carrie Girlie - _jollyholiday

Dreary Saturday.

Tidbits of my Saturday:

Sex and the City: The Movie came out on Tuesday. Naturally, it has been in my posession for a few days now. I'm watching it. Big just officially proposed, and there are about two minutes left. I liked it better than the first time. Whatever, Big. I don't love you, but I guess I like you.

I want my hair to look like SJP's. I haven't colored it in three months. My roots are funky and I have a box of dark blonde color in my bathroom. I've had it for about a week now, and it's taking a lot to not touch it. :)

I want a Mac.

I've had a pounding headache all day. I thought it was my ponytail (I hardly wear ponytails because of this.), but I've had it out for hours, and my head is just throbbing. I never get headaches, so I'm not a fan of this. Perhaps because I didn't have my caf fix today. Hmm.

I miss my husband.

I want to live in NYC.

Happy Birthday, brother! (It's Jon's 29th today. Old man! Hehe.)

Sep. 26th, 2008

Birthday: Cupcake -

Happy Birthday, Whitney!

Love you!

When I got home from saying goodbye to Jarrod on Tuesday, I wrote a letter to him and mailed it that same day. He got it today. When he called tonight, he said, "Hey. I got a letter today from some girl.", and I laughed. He said, "I came back to the barracks and there was an envelope on my bed, and I almost sat on it, then I was like, 'Who is sending me mail?', and it was from my little sweetheart!". Hehe. I don't know - something gushed inside me when he called me his "little sweetheart". Never heard that one before. :) He thanked me for it three times. Little things...

Sep. 24th, 2008

SATC: Kidding - lauraaudrey

Why must we wait on you?

"It's my belief that this is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess."

Agreed, Obama. Really, who do these two think they are?
Love: Deployment Hug - lauraaudrey

(no subject)

I saw my breath this morning. Samson's been good about getting up when I do in the morning, but last night I worked the late shift, so he was only eating and drinking right before I went to bed. Needless to say, he was up at 4:30am, whimpering to go outside. It was obviously too dark then, but just a few minutes ago when we went out again, sure enough...I could see it! Autumn. Hooray! :)

Day one was okay. It's always the worst, I think - getting back into the routine of being by yourself. Getting used to falling asleep alone, doing everything - cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dog, running back out to the car when you've forgotten something. :) (I forgot my cell phone in my car last night.) I was dreading work, but it wasn't too bad. Today should go faster, though, and Steph is coming over tonight for a little.

I ordered my SATC movie and volume two of the soundtrack via Amazon. If you recall, I wasn't a huge fan of the way the movie ended. Megan (who went with me to see it and loved the movie) said, "Whoa whoa whoa, I thought you hated that movie. Why are you going to buy it?" and my response was, "As a fan, it's my duty to buy it anyway." Hahaha. Okay, I didn't hate the movie. Just the ending. But I am excited to watch it again...probably this weekend. This whole apartment needs to be cleaned top to bottom, and I want to get some fall decorations to make it a little happier in here. :) That's my plan for the weekend in.

Hope you guys are all good! I have to go get ready for coffee and work...I hit the snooze button three times this morning, and I usually don't hit it at all. Yikes. :) Bye!

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