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lauraaudrey's Journal

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Hi! :) I'm Laura. On May 10, 2008 I became a proud army wife. My husband Jarrod and I have been together four years and just began our second deployment together. We recently got a puppy who is smaller than his name suggests - Samson. :) I'm an aunt. I love cosmetics, shoes, fashion, shopping, cooking, baking, photography, music, writing, reading, scrapbooking, dancing, and singing. I need an iced latte to jumpstart most mornings. I try to find the positive in every situation. I've been a pharmacy technician for almost seven years, and an Avon representative for three. I love my family and friends. Sex and the City is my favorite TV show, and RENT is my favorite Broadway show. The love I have for New York City cannot be put into words. I have kept written journals since I was in third grade. I've been to over two hundred concerts. Last but far from least, I love Jesus more than any of the above mentioned. Anything else, ask away. :)

adam pascal, amy winehouse, anthony rapp, army, army wives, art, avon, backstreet boys, barnes & noble, bethany dillon, bible, big cities, britney spears, brittany murphy, broadway, campfires, camping, candles, chocolate, chris rice, christianity, christmas, cinderella, coffee, coloring, concerts, cooking, creativity, cynthia nixon, dancing, dane cook, david beckham, decorating, diamonds, dogs, dunkin' donuts, eva mendes, fitness, flip flops, flowers, friends, god, grey's anatomy, guitar, hair, heidi klum, hiking, hugs, ice cream, imogen heap, italian food, jaci velasquez, jars of clay, jennifer knapp, jeremy camp, jewel, john mayer, journaling, julian mcmahon, justin timberlake, kahlua, keith urban, kim cattrall, kisses, kristin billerbeck, kristin davis, kurt halsey, kutless, lattes, laughing, love, lucille ball, magazines, makeup, malibu, maltichons, mariah carey, mark, martha stewart, massages, matt wertz, matthew mcconaughey, maya angelou, military, moleskines, movies, music, nip/tuck, nyc, ocean city, old navy, pharmacy, phil collins, photography, pillar, planning, poetry, pugs, puppies, rachel lampa, rachel mcadams, reading, recipes, rent, road trips, ryan cabrera, ryan gosling, sarah jessica parker, scrapbooking, sewing, sex and the city, shawn mcdonald, shear genius, shoes, singing, skillet, sleeping, snow, starbucks, sting, summer, sunrises, sunsets, superchick, suzy's zoo, swimming, swings, switchfoot, tanning, tatty teddy, the beach, the boardwalk, the notebook, third day, victoria's secret, volleyball, weddings, will smith, winter, writing