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Birthday: Cupcake -

Happy Birthday, Whitney!

Love you!

When I got home from saying goodbye to Jarrod on Tuesday, I wrote a letter to him and mailed it that same day. He got it today. When he called tonight, he said, "Hey. I got a letter today from some girl.", and I laughed. He said, "I came back to the barracks and there was an envelope on my bed, and I almost sat on it, then I was like, 'Who is sending me mail?', and it was from my little sweetheart!". Hehe. I don't know - something gushed inside me when he called me his "little sweetheart". Never heard that one before. :) He thanked me for it three times. Little things...


I love those little things :)
You and me both. :)
Thanks my love!!! Its all big and stuff. lol That was so nice of you. :) :) Love you so much!
Aw, you're so welcome! :)
That's so cute! Reminds me of my text message I got that said "I can't wait to see you, Sweetheart". I just never remember him calling me sweetheart, ever. I'm so glad your letter made it to him!
Aw :) Yeah, I've never been "sweetheart" before. :)